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Cell Again Offers Customers Options

Going to a mall to spend money is expected and common.  Going to a mall to make money is unheard of…until now.  Your customers are able to walk away from your kiosk with cash in their hands, and they LOVE you for that.

Cell Again offers your customers options. They can bring in their used or unwanted phones and either sell them or trade them in as part of an upgrade for one of our discounted handsets. (I won’t disclose how we are able to offer such great discounts…I’ll save that juicy information for our franchisees.)

We are really excited to be offering the Cell Again cell phone franchise opportunity to the public.  I would love to personally talk to you about the store and answer any questions you have about this fun and unique opportunity.  If you had asked me 7 years ago what would I be doing with my life, I wouldn’t have said selling franchises for used cell phone stores.  But I can proudly say now that I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else.

Find out why this is a great franchise opportunity. Come join the Cell Again family today.

-Matt Kelly

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