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Renewing Your Cell Phone Contract

When thinking about upgrading or renewing your contract many people can be bogged down with the thought of ‘2 more years.’  Although I agree that contracts are usually not the right decision, in this instance it is a smart business tactic. You should ask yourself: Why would the owner of Cell Again say this?

I want you to save money and help you become educated about the cell phone market before making a decision. For instance, on renewing contracts, you are paying over the course of your initial 2-year contract for your upcoming renewal. Cell phones are discounted to entice you to sign up with that carrier at that time. What you may not know is that you are paying around $10 per month on your upcoming discounted renewal.  Remember, cell phones are actually very expensive and this way it forces you to remain with that specific carrier.

The only time you shouldn’t renew is when you are planning on switching carriers.  If you are planning on sticking with your current carrier then renew!

Next blog entry I will go into how Cell Again can save you money and more importantly can actually make you money.  Renew your contract, and then sell your old cell phone to Cell Again.

Why do I love Cell Again? Because it’s one of the few retail stores that you can actually walk into and walk out with money.

-Matt Kelly, Founder

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It’s Official! Cell Again is Now Franchising.


New and Used Cell Phone Reseller, Cell Again, is Now Franchising

- Cell Again provides customers with a cost-effective way to buy or replace existing cell phones without the hassle of a contract

SALT LAKE CITY, January 12, 2010 – New and used cell phone reseller, Cell Again, announced today it has begun franchising across North America. The franchise system focuses on low-risk, kiosk locations where customers not only purchase phones and accessories, but can also sell their old cell phones. Cell Again has five current locations with four in Utah and one in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Cell Again has partnered with Franchise Foundry, a strategic franchise investment firm, to deliver Cell Again franchises to qualified franchise associates. The Cell Again systems and support have been engineered to help anyone get a location up and running quickly and on its way to profitability.

“Because we buy and sell new and used cell phones from any carrier, Cell Again has a major advantage in this market and able to service more customers than our competitors,” said Matt Kelly, founder of Cell Again. “Also, our track record of growing Cell Again into a successful and proven company makes it ideal to support the growth associated with building a successful franchise.”

Traditionally, most cell phone retailers are paid commissions by carriers 90 days after a phone is sold. This puts them in a constant state of negative cash flow. Buy focusing on buying used phones and selling them to customers with no allegiance to carriers, Cell Again has set itself apart and become very successful.

“The cell phone market is growing at a break-neck speed as we become more dependent on the ability to be accessible at all times. That growth is what makes Cell Again is an exciting and profitable business to own,” said Christian Faulconer, Franchise Foundry CEO. “Because Cell Again franchises are in the business of selling the cell phone hardware and not the contracts, it makes it a cost-effective approach for people to replace their cell phones.”

Franchises are available throughout North America. For more information visit

About Cell Again

Cell Again is an exciting franchise that buys and sells new and used cell phones. Our franchise system focuses on low-risk, kiosk locations where customers not only purchase phones and accessories, but they can also sell their old cell phones. This allows franchise owners to service a diverse group of customers’ needs in multiple ways and to create a successful business in the process.


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Cell Again is Coming to a City Near YOU.

Over the past few weeks a lot of exciting events have taken place.  We have received the approvals for Florida, Michigan, and many other states,  moving Cell Again closer and closer to a mall near you.  Not only have the approvals occurred, but the exciting part for me is seeing the websites progress and the changes that will enable every franchisee to succeed.  The team at Franchise Foundry and Cell Again has and will continue to work extremely hard on getting the franchise ready to bring to the market.  I am very excited about this and can not wait to meet the first of many franchisees.